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  Italian edition


Le Ballet – Commedie en quatres actes was written in French in 1965 based on earlier version from mid-1940s. The play is a satire on the Modernists, a recurring theme in de Chirico’s work. The theatre piece remained unpublished regardless of the fact the artist originally intended to have it enacted in Rome’s Teatro degli Alleati in 1945-46.

The script was published in the Foundation’s periodical «Metaphysical Art» (n. 3/4, 2004) and can be consulted in this section in the original French. As Jole de Sanna points out in the Introductory Note, the author was inspired by the Ballet Russes with particular focus on the relationships that develop between actors, musicians and choreographers during the production of a ballet.

Le Ballet. Commedie en quatres actes