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Il Signor Dudron


Dream or reality, everything was there, everything”.

New Italian edition of the artist’s novel published posthumously in 1998 on the 20th anniversary of his passing.

One of the Foundation’s principal activities concerns the re-publication of Giorgio de Chirico’s writings and the translation of his literary oeuvre into foreign languages, with the objective of divulging the Maestro’s written work throughout the world. These publications are accompanied by critical analyses by scholars and often include epistolary documents relating to their original publications for a historical contextualisation of de Chirico’s literary activity.

In 1998, on occasion of the 20th anniversary of the artist’s demise, the Foundation published the novel Il Signor Dudron (Mr. Dudron) by Giorgio de Chirico, which had remained unpublished during the artist’s life. Since then, many re-editions of historic texts, as well as a number of translations of the artist’s literary work have been published, among which:

Il Signor Dudron, G. de Chirico (posthumous publication), in Italian with essays by P. Picozza, S. Crespi and J. de Sanna, illustrated with drawings by the artist, for the series Atelier, Le Lettere, Florence 1998. Second edition Abscondita 2014, with a note by Paolo Picozza. (on cover Self-Portrait, 1924)

Piccolo trattato di tecnica pittorica (Small Treatise on Painting Technique), G. de Chirico (Scheiwiller, Milan 1928) re-edition of original Italian publication curated by J. de Sanna with essays on Colour in de Chirico’s work and on the publication’s history, including correspondence between the artist and publisher Scheiwiller. A reproduction of the original manuscript’s foreword is published in the book. Libri Scheiwiller, Milan 2001. New edition Abscondita SE, September 2013.

Commedia dell’arte moderna (The Comedy of Modern Art), G. de Chirico, I. Far (Traguardi, Nuove edizioni italiane, Roma 1945), re-edition of the original Italian publication curated by J. de Sanna, Abscondita, Milan 2002.

Memorie della mia vita (The Memoirs of Giorgio de Chirico), G. de Chirico (Astrolabio, Rome 1945; II ed. Rizzoli, Milan 1962), re-edition with an introduction by C. Bo, postscript by P. Picozza, Tascabili Bompiani, Milan 2002 (reprinted in 2008).

Ebdòmero (Hebdomeros) G. de Chirico (Bompiani, Milan 1942), re-edition of the original Italian translation by the artist of his French novel Hebdomeros (1929). Postscript by J. de Sanna and Edition Note by P. Picozza, SE, Milan 1999; Abscondita, Milan 2003.

Translations and recent re-editions:

The Memoirs of Giorgio de Chirico, Peter Owen, London 1971.

Hebdomeros, The Four Seasons Book Society, New York, 1966.

Monsieur Dudron, G. de Chirico, French translation, with introduction by G.G. Lemaire; foreword by P. Picozza and postscript by J. de Sanna, La Différence, Paris 2004.

Monsieur Dudron, G. de Chirico, German translation by W. von Fellenberg, with essays by P. Picozza, J. de Sanna, W. von Fellenberg, G. Baselitz, L. Fabro and J. Gachnang, Ed. Verlang Gachnag & Springer AG, Berne 2000.

Petit traité de technique de peinture, G. de Chirico, French translation by M.J. Lundström and M.A. Macaigne, introduction by P. Picozza, postscript by M.A. Macaigne, Somogy Editions d’Art, Paris 2001.

Memorias de mi vida, G. de Chirico, Spanish translation by S. Calvo, introduction by P. Picozza, ed. Editorial Sintesis, Madrid 2004.

Mémoires, G. de Chirico (Editions de la Table Ronde, Paris 1965), re-edition of the French translation by M. Tassilit, foreword by P. Mazars, Flammarion 2009.

Secanja iz mog zivota (The Memoirs of Giorgio de Chirico), translation in Serbian by M. Komnenic, ed. Oko Umetnosti, Belgrade 2009.

Hebdomeros, G. de Chirico (Editions du Carrefour, Paris 1929), re-edition of original French novel, Flammarion, 2009.

In addition, on occasion of the 30th anniversary commemorations of the Maestro’s passing (20 November 2008), Bompiani, in collaboration with the Foundation, published:

Giorgio de Chirico: Scritti/1 (1911-1945), Romanzi e scritti critici e teorici (Giorgio de Chirico’s Writings/1 [1911-1945], Novels, Critical and Theoretical Writings) edited by A. Cortellessa, edition directed by A. Bonito Oliva and introduction by P. Picozza, Bompiani, Milan 2008.

The 1069 page publication was presented in the Giulio Cesare salon of Campidoglio in Rome on 25 November 2008.