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  Italian edition

House-museum Catalogue

In 2009 the Foundation curated and published the catalogue of the Giorgio de Chirico House-museum with a substantial grant from the Municipality of Rome. The 230 page volume deals with the restoration of the artist’s apartment-studio located at 31 Piazza di Spagna in Rome, which opened to the public as a House-museum in 1998. Rare accounts are given of the history of the Roman residence, which dates from the 17th century, as well as a detailed narrative of the Maestro’s activity over the course of the 30 years he resided in the apartment. The publication includes many period photographs from the Foundation’s historic archive.

Reproductions of a selection of over 60 paintings and sculptures on exhibit at the House-museum are presented with in depth technical analyses of each work by Barbara D’Ambrosio and Salvatore Vacanti. The catalogue includes the following essays:

The Giorgio de Chirico House-museum
Paolo Picozza
De Chirico. The Search for Eternity
Elena Pontiggia
In the Centre of the Centre of the World
Silvia Tusi
Memoirs of a Special Friendship
Antonio Porcella
In de Chirico’s rooms: an Imaginary Dialogue
Sabina D’Angelosante

A detailed Bibliography of the works, a general Bibliography, the artist’s Biography and information on the Foundation’s activities are included.

The publication is in Italian, with English translations of the all of the authors’ essays. The technical descriptions of the works are published uniquely in Italian. A selection of 12 of these have been purposefully translated for the web-site and can be consulted in “Selection of Works Exhibited” in the House-museum section.

On cover: Orpheus the Tired Troubadour, 1970 (detail)