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  Italian edition

Giorgio de Chirico – Catalogue Raisonne of Sacred Art

The publication was presented on 18 December 2012 at The Brera Fine Arts Academy, Milan

“Men have forgotten that Art is always sacred, even even when treating a profane subject. Art is sacred in itself and its greatness does not pertain to its exterior circumstances, as is the case for the subject matter, and what I say is very evident when one considers the works of the Great Masters, who did not hesitate to represent Parnassus and pagan divinities near a wall upon which scenes from Christianity are painted, with the Virgin, Jesus Christ and the Saints.”

Giorgio de Chirico, Discorso sull’arte sacra, 1945

Giorgio de Chirico – Catalogo ragionato dell’opera sacra
Catalogue Raisonne of Sacred Art – publication in Italian

Edited by Giovanni Gazzaneo e Elena Pontiggia

A project by Crocevia
In collaboration with Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico

Preface by Lorenzo Ornaghi – Italian Minister of Culture
Essays by Gianfranco Ravasi, Elena Pontiggia, Pierangelo Sequeri, Paolo Picozza

May 2012 – 280 pages, Silvana Editoriale, Milan