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  Italian edition

Giorgio de Chirico. Disegno

In December 2004, the Foundation published the complete catalogue of the Maestro’s works on paper in its collection (Mondadori Electa, Milan). Curated by Jole de Sanna, the volume presents the entire collection of drawings and watercolours belonging to the Foundation, for a total of 216 works.

The collection, with works dating from the early 1920s on up to the watercolour drawing Metaphysical Interior with set-squares of 1975-76, testifies to the multiformity of de Chirico’s research: from the classic portraits of Raissa Gourevitch, his first wife and those of his second, Isabella Pakszwer Far, to the many self portraits, landscapes and horses, studies of drapery, anatomy and various animals, Great Master copies from Rubens and Delacroix, mythological and sacred figures, up to the famous subjects such as the Archaeologists, Gladiators and the Mysterious Baths and other themes of invention. The numerous stage-set and costume sketches in the collection, executed in pencil, charcoal, watercolour and tempera emulsion, are proof of the Maestro’s strong interest for the theatre.

The existence of handwritten dedications or notes by the artist on the drawings are indicated in the technical descriptions of each work. Detailed historical research has also identified many of the works as preparatory sketches for oil paintings.

The volume is complete with the 24 drawings the artist executed in 1971 for the lithographs illustrating the special edition of Hebdomeros (Carlo Bestetti Editore, Rome, 1972), as well as the hand-coloured lithographs prepared forL’Apocalisse of 1941 (edited by R. Carrieri, Edizioni della Chimera, Milan, 20 lithographs) and of 1977 (edited by I. Far, Aldo Garzanti Editore, Milan, 22 lithographs).

The publication includes the unpublished manuscript by Giorgio de Chirico Note dal libro sui disegni (Notes from the book on drawings) and an essay by Jole de Sanna.

The catalogue is in Italian and does not include English translations.

(On cover: Minerva and the Mysterious Object, 1973)

The Maestro’s Hand, 1945-47
Charcoal, pencil and watercolour on paper, 17,7 x 26,2 cm
Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico, Rome (Inv. D106)