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  Italian edition

Piccolo trattato di tecnica pittorica

Giorgio de Chirico

Piccolo trattato di tecnica pittorica, 1928
(Small treatise on painting technique)

Edited by Jole de Sanna
Re-edition Abscondita, 2013
Cover: Self-portrait, 1924

Publication in Italian

Giorgio de Chirico’s Piccolo trattato (Small treatise on painting technique) was written on commission for editor Giovanni Scheiwiller, Milan 1928. The volume (in Italian) was republished in 2001 in an edition curated by Jole de Sanna. The essays Form as the Quality of Colour and Appendix and History of the Text by the late Jole de Sanna have been republished in the new Abscondita edition.
Introduction by Giorgio de Chirico:
There exist many treatises on painting, both ancient and modern; the antique ones are for the most part obscure and abstruse, thus not practical; no painter of yore went to the pains of describing in detail how a painting is made, from the preparation of the canvas or plate to the final coat of varnish. Modern treatises are more practical; in my advise, the German ones are the best. Although, even here, one must spend great effort to grasp anything useful for making a painting. This is due to the fact that the majority of treatises are written by restorers, people who know a great deal more that most painters from a technical point of view […] but little teach a painter who is hungry for practical knowledge that will help him in the delicate and great fatigue of guiding the paintbrush on the canvas.
Piccolo trattato di tecnica pittorica
Forma come qualità del colore 
Appendice, Storia del testo Jole de Sanna
Nota all’edizione Paolo Picozza