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conferece-inv-269 The End of Beauty? Debate on Classical and Modern Art
Accademia Nazionale di San Luca, Rome
22 November 2016
70px_inv.86 A Collection of Excellence: 227 artworks by the Pictor Optimus
Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism
news70x70 Giorgio de Chirico – Catalogue of Works:
Why is Paolo Baldacci so annoyed by it? A Simple Truth
2 December 2015
 peretti-001 Authentic Painting Signaled as Fake
Le Muse Inqietanti, late 1940s, by Giorgio de Chirico…
28 March 2014
  The Real Reason for Criticising the De Chirico Foundation
Letter to the Editor
The Art Newspaper, n. 252, December 2013
  Art Market, Copyright and Forgery
Conference – Università degli Studi, Milan
16 December 2013
Challenge to De Chirico authentication board
Cristina Ruiz
The Art Newspaper, n. 249, September 2013 
8 June – 30 September 2013
Giorgio de Chirico – Portraiture: Figure and Form
Fortezza poliziana di Montepulciano, Tuscany
targa_news Commemorative plaque placed on the facade of the house where Alberto Savinio lived
39 Via Bruno Buozzi, Rome
20 May 2013
8 December 2011 – 29 July 2012
De Chirico. The Sentiment of Architecture – Works from Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico
Porto Alegre – San Paulo – Nova Lima, Brasil
Giorgio de Chirico – Metaphysician. Alberto Savinio – Multifaceted Artist
Conference – Sala de Marmi, Palazzo Barberini, Rome
5 March 2012
27 January 2012-26 January 2013
D’après Giorgio a project by Luca Lo Pinto
Giorgio de Chirico House-museum, Rome
Isabella Pakszwer Far Bequest
Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
10 November 2011
Restoration of the Mysterious Baths Fountain
Sempione Park, Milan
7 November 2011