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14 September 2012 – 13 January 2013

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen


Copenhagen’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art has inaugurated its Fall season with Self-Portrait, an exhibition focusing on self-portraiture, analyzed and celebrated under its multifaceted developments from Modernism to present day: 150 works by 64 artists of international fame dealing with the question “How does one represent oneself? And what are the connections between self-portraiture and self-representation?” The extensive exhibition is organized in nine categories, among which: Pioneers, The Artist in the Studio, The Course of Life, Mirrors.
The exhibition includes four works by Giorgio de Chirico: Self-portrait with the Artist’s Mother, 1921, Self-portrait in the Parisian Studio, 1934-35, Self-portrait in Armour, 1948 (on loan from the Foundation) and Self-portrait with Minerva, 1956.