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METAPHYSICAL ART – The de Chirico Journals

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n. 14/16  (2016)

Life, life, great mysterious dream! All the enigmas you exhibit, joys and flashes of lightning… foreboding visions.

The moving van turns the corner.

Arcades in the sun. Sleeping statues.

Red smokestacks; nostalgia for unknown horizons.

Giorgio de ChiricoA Life (Poem), 1925

With strong focus on the artist’s written work, the current issue presents the first-ever English translation of de Chirico’s The Comedy of Modern Art (1945), a historical collection of critical and theoretical essays dating from 1918 to 1945, including: On Metaphysical Art (1919), Architectural Sense In Classical Painting (1920), Raphael Sanzio (1920), Paul Gauguin (1920), Considerations on Modern Painting, which caused great uproar in Italy when published in 1942, the seminal A Discourse on the Mechanism of Thought (1943), as well as A Portrait by Tintoretto (1945) and Masks and Disguises (1945), for a total of 39 essays.

The volume also includes The Collected Poems of Giorgio de Chirico translated from the original French and Italian for a total of 90 poems including Promontory, written in Ferrara in 1917, and Dream, published in the first issue of “La Révolution Surréaliste” in 1924. Willard Bohn and Stefania Heim, translators of the French and Italian poems, enrich understanding of de Chirico’s poetic imagery with their respective essays: “Arcades in the Sun”: Giorgio de Chirico’s French Poetry and The Enigma of a Sentence: Translating Giorgio de Chirico’s Italian Poetry.

True to its usual format, this 7th edition of “Metaphysical Art” (2001-2016) also includes essays by authors on historical, theoretical and technical aspects of Giorgio de Chirico’s art, among which:

Fabio Benzi: Giorgio de Chirico, Ardengo Soffici and Rousseau Le Douanier: a New Source on the Birth of Metaphysical Art in Florence

Lorenzo Canova: The Arrival of the Revenants: Giorgio de Chirico and Neometaphysical Art at the Frontiers of Time

Riccardo Dottori: Dream, Presage and the Disquieting in de Chirico’s Metaphysical Art

Claudio Strinati: De Chirico in Ferrara – Metaphysical Art and the Avant-garde: Brief Reflections

Lorella Giudici: Giorgio de Chirico and Raffaello Giolli: a Painter and a Critic in Milan between the Wars – An Unpublished Story, in connection to which are included the Alberto Savinio and Giorgio de Chirico interviews published in “Comœdia” (Paris 1927):

Mr. Savinio is in Love with Franco-Italian Literature

Mr. de Chirico, a Painter Predicts and Hopes for the Triumph of Modernism

Perhaps one of the most unusual studies, a graphological analysis of de Chirico’s handwriting (1911-1971) by Cristina Hesse and Piergiuseppe Mecocci offers an intimate glimpse of the artist’s intellectual, moral and emotional character: an “autobiography” that traces 60 years of his life, thought and work.

Maretti Editore: August 2016

Pages: 412

ISSN: 2531-4610

Price:  €50.00

The Italian edition: “Metafisica. Quaderni della Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico” n. 14/16 is forthcoming.