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  Italian edition

METAPHYSICAL ART – The de Chirico Journals

n. 9/10  (2009-2010)

“Revelation consists precisely in consciousness of the beyond (or if we like, of a substance different from apparentness) which is imminent but cannot be thought of in the same terms as a concrete object set before us, be this a thing or a person. It is what de Chirico would call, not without a certain wilful ambiguity of meaning, the Enigma (somewhat equivalent to Kant’s noumenon) which led him to put forward, in the celebrated The Enigma of an Autumn Afternoon (1910), the metamorphosis of Piazza Santa Croce in Florence and the statue of Dante into images of fixity.”

Claudio Strinati, Metaphysical Art. The Revelation of the All

Paolo Picozza
A Century after the Birth of Metaphysical Art 1910-2010 p. 13
Claudio Strinati
Metaphysical Art. The Revelation of the All p. 18
Paolo Picozza

Betraying de Chirico: The Falsification of Giorgio de Chirico’s Life History

over the Last Fifteen Years

p. 28
Riccardo Dottori
De Chirico and Sacred Art p. 61
Roberta Di Nicola
Heraclitean Influences in de Chirico’s Poetics p. 69
Agostino Inguscio – Giovanna Rasario
Giorgio de Chirico and Léonce Rosenberg. Art in Times of Crisis p. 79
Katherine Robinson
The Giorgio de Chirico – Jacques Seligmann & Co. Epistolary p. 116
Milan – Paris – New York, 1938. A Missed Exhibition
Lycia Giola Pavia
Giorgio de Chirico – The Painter. Material, Gesture and Chance p. 138
Salvatore Vacanti

From Mural Painting to “Emplastic Oil”: Development and Diffusion of de Chirico’s

Technical Research between the 1930s and 1940s

p. 160
Nikolaos Velissiotis
Giorgio de Chirico and the Mysterious Baths Fountain in Milan’s Sempione Park p. 189
Painting, presentation to the exhibition catalogue, Galleria Rotta, Genoa 1938 p. 211
Sensitiveness, published in “Horizon – A Review of Literature and Art”, London 1944 p. 212
In the Depth of Painting. Giorgio de Chirico’s Formulas p. 214
edited by Lycia Giola Pavia and Alessandro Pavia
Letters by Giorgio de Chirico to Léonce Rosenberg, 1925-1939 p. 309
Transcription of the original French letters p. 279
Letters by Giorgio de Chirico to Jacques Seligmann & Co., 1937-1939 p. 366
Manuscripts of the original French and English letters p. 339
Transcription of the original French and English letters p. 356
Letters by Giorgio de Chirico to Julien Levy, 1938-1948 p. 383
Transcription of the original French letters p. 372
The Constants of History: Old and Recent Falsification of Giorgio de Chirico’s Artwork p. 394
Judgement of the Court of Milan, 7th Criminal Section No. 2946 9/3/2009-3/6/2009 p. 417
“A Drawing from my Childhood” p. 438

Carmela Opera in Three Acts Composed by Alberto Savinio

Contract between Gemma de Chirico and Ricordi & Co, 1908

p. 441
Maureen Marozeau

De Chirico. In Defiance of Kitsch – Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

Presents Giorgio de Chirico’s Work in all its Aspects

p. 451
Sophie Cachon

De Chirico. The Dark Side – Retrospective of the Italian Artist that Embraces

his “Classic” Painting and his “Metaphysical” Works

p. 453
Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico p. 457
PUBLICATIONS 2009-2010 p. 460