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METAPHYSICAL ART – The de Chirico Journals



n. 14/16  (2016)

Life, life, great mysterious dream! All the enigmas you exhibit,
joys and flashes of lightning… foreboding visions.
The moving van turns the corner.
Arcades in the sun. Sleeping statues.
Red smokestacks; nostalgia for unknown horizons.

Giorgio de ChiricoA Life (Poem), 1925

Paolo Picozza  0000000
Thirty Years of Safeguarding Giorgio de Chirico’s Art and Intellectual Work p. 9
Katherine Robinson
Introduction to The Comedy of Modern Art p. 17
Giorgio de Chirico
Part I – Essays (1918-1943)
We Metaphysicians p. 29
Return to Craft p. 33
On Metaphysical Art p. 37
Metaphysical Aesthetics p. 40
Gustave Courbet p. 42
Architectural Sense In Classical Painting p. 46
Pictorial Classicism p. 49
Impressionism p. 52
Zeuxis the Explorer p. 54
Max Klinger p. 55
Thoughts on Classical Painting p. 62
Auguste Renoir p. 65
Raphael Sanzio p. 69
Paul Gauguin p. 74
Craft and Tradition p. 78
The Eternal Question p. 81
Miscellany p. 85
A Portrait by Tintoretto p. 88
Assortment of Truths p. 90
Part II – Essays by Giorgio de Chirico signed “Isabella Far” (1941-1945)
Introduction p. 94
Considerations on Modern Painting p. 95
A Discourse on the Material Substance of Paint p. 106
Portraits p. 112
Still life p. 116
Landscapes p. 118
A Discourse on the Nude in Painting p. 121
Form in Art and Nature p. 124
A Discourse on Seriousness p. 127
Theatre Performance p. 130
Sensitiveness p. 135
Sincerity p. 137
On Sacred Art p. 139
Torment in Art p. 141
A Discourse on the Mechanism of Thought p. 144
Masks and Disguises p. 147
The Metaphysics of Dance p. 149
Desecrated Reality p. 152
A Discourse on Mentality p. 155
Critics or “on Envy” p. 159
Jole de Sanna
Afterword – Form of the Work p. 163
Willard Bohn
“Arcades in the Sun”: Giorgio de Chirico’s French Poetry p. 173
Stefania Heim
The Enigma of a Sentence: Translating Giorgio de Chirico’s Italian Poetry p. 187
Katherine Robinson
Introductory Note
Giorgio de Chirico
The Collected Poems p. 195
Bibliographic Note p. 252
Gabriele Tinti
The Nostalgia of the Poet – An Homage to Giorgio de Chirico p. 261
Claudio Strinati
De Chirico in Ferrara – Metaphysical Art and the Avant-garde: Brief Reflections p. 269
Lorenzo Canova
The Arrival of the Revenants: Giorgio de Chirico and Neometaphysical Art
at the Frontiers of Time p. 275
Riccardo Dottori
Dream, Presage and the Disquieting in de Chirico’s Metaphysical Art p. 301
Fabio Benzi
Giorgio de Chirico, Ardengo Soffici and Rousseau Le Douanier:
a New Source on the Birth of Metaphysical Art in Florence p. 327
Lorella Giudici
Giorgio de Chirico and Raffaello Giolli: Painter and Critic
in Milan between the Wars – An Unpublished Story p. 345
Paolo Picozza
Knots, Twists & Turns at Archivio dell’Art Metafisica. Gerd Roos: three Episodes p. 357
Davide Spagnoletto p. 371
De Chirico’s Drawing: Theory and Technique
Cristina Hesse – Piergiuseppe Mecocci
An Interpretive Key to the Life and Personality of Giorgio de Chirico
seen through the Analysis of his Handwriting (1911-1971) p. 381
Lorella Giudici
The Savinio and de Chirico Interviews in “Comoedia” 1927 p. 391
Transcriptions of the original French interviews:
M. Alberto Savino ests épris de littérature franco-italienne p. 395
M. de Chirico, peintre prédit et souhait le triomphe du modernisme p. 397
English translation:
Mr. Savinio is in Love with Franco-Italian Literature p. 399
Mr. de Chirico, a Painter Predicts and Hopes for the Triumph of Modernism p. 401
Scientific Council p. 404
The Foundation’s Activities p. 406
Publications 2014-2016 p. 408
Index of Authors p. 410