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  Italian edition

METAPHYSICAL ART – The de Chirico Journals

n. 7/8 (2007-2008)

“I have constructed paintings recently that have given me a very pure kind of joy. There is one especially which I’m thinking of showing at the ‘Indépendants’ and with which I believe I have reached a distant goal. So distant indeed, that when I look at it now that it is done it gives me the impression of having been painted by someone else, in another time, or in another world and other, even stranger and more bizarre impressions; well, you will see for yourself. The title of this painting is ‘The Enigma of a Day’.”

Giorgio de Chirico, letter to Guillaume Apollinaire, Paris 26 January 1914
Due to the periodical’s published form, text illustrations appear in the Italian version of a specific essay. It is therefore suggested that the reader consult the Italian text to see the images (which are clearly and consecutively numbered) in parallel to reading an essay in English.
Paolo Picozza
Immortality to Giorgio de Chirico p. 14
Paolo Picozza
Giorgio de Chirico and the Birth of Metaphysical Art in Florence in 1910 p. 56
Riccardo Dottori
From Zarathustra’s Poetry to the Aesthetics of Metaphysical Art p. 117
Katherine Robinson
Mysterious Baths. Communicating Vessels p. 154
Sabina D’Angelosante
Disquieted by the Muses: Inspiration, Possession and Happiness in the Work of Giorgio de Chirico p. 184
Franco Ragazzi
Giorgio de Chirico and the Exhibitions of the “Novecento Italiano” p. 233
Silvia Tusi

The Discreet Charm of Metaphysics:

The Writings of Giorgio de Chirico in the Cinema of Luis Buñuel

p. 280
Katherine Robinson
Giorgio de Chirico – Julien Levy. Artist and Art Dealer. Shared Experience p. 326
Michele Tavola
Rosenberg and de Chirico p. 364
Katherine Robinson
Allocution à l’occasion de l’exposition Chirico – On-Stage Presentation of Giorgio de Chirico’s Paintings by Paul Guillaume at Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier, November 3, 1918 p. 383
Susanna Misiano
I gioielli di de Chirico: un’inaspettata scoperta p. 393
De Chirico’s Jewellery: an Unexpected Discovery p. 412
The Complete Poems (French and Italian) p. 424
Bibliographic Note p. 501
Technical Note p. 507
Alessia Abadyem
Brief Notes on the Poetry of Giorgio de Chirico p. 513
Letters by Giorgio de Chirico, Gemma de Chirico and Alberto de Chirico to Fritz GartzMilan-Florence 1908-1911 p. 559
(manuscripts and transcription of original German letters and French letter) p. 521
Letters by Giorgio de Chirico to Fritz Gartz. Paris 1912-1914 p. 576
(transcription of original German letters) p. 568
Letter by Giorgio de Chirico to Dimitris Pikionis, 1912 with a note by Michela Santoro p. 585
(manuscript and transcription of original Greek letter) p. 580

Letters by Giorgio de Chirico to Guillaume Apollinaire, Paris – Ferrara 1914-1916 

with a note by Katherine Robinson

p. 611
(transcription of original French letters) p. 589
Letters by Giorgio de Chirico to Léonce Rosenberg, 1925 p. 623
(transcription of original French letters) p. 637
Letters by Giorgio de Chirico to Julien Levy, Albert C. Barnes, Léonce Rosenberg, 1934-1936 p. 672
(manuscripts and transcriptions of original French letters) p. 645
I Have Been to New York p. 683
J’ai été à New York (original French text) p. 679

Institut de France. Académie des Beaux Arts. Speech by Giorgio de Chirico

read on occasion of the artist’s appointment as a foreign associate, Paris 1974

p. 688
(original French text) p. 685
Salvatore Quasimodo
Giorgio de Chirico p. 699
Julien Levy
Giorgio de Chirico from Memoir of an Art Gallery p. 707
Albert C. Barnes
Giorgio de Chirico p. 725
Riccardo Dottori
Exhibition Review of “De Chirico”, Palazzo Zabarella, Padua, 2007 p. 739
The Giorgio and Isa de Chirico Foundation p. 748