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  Italian edition

METAPHYSICAL ART – The de Chirico Journals

n. 5/6 (2005-2006)

“We work in the most complicated art, the most difficult and tiring art there is: painting; an art in which one must do everything oneself, especially today; everything must be created from scratch; therefore I am firmly convinced that now, more than in any other epoch, that in this profession, one must think deeply of the material substance we use […]. This is what I think of tempera. I have tried to express myself clearly and briefly, and, above all, I wanted this preliminary discourse of mine to be persuasive; hence I have entitled it in Latin: oratio…”

Giorgio de Chirico, Pro tempera oratio, 1920

Due to the periodical’s published form, text illustrations appear in the Italian version of a specific essay. It is therefore suggested that the reader consult the Italian text to see the images (which are clearly and consecutively numbered) in parallel to reading an essay in English.
Paolo Picozza
Giorgio de Chirico between Orthodoxy and Inquisition p. 16
Maurizio Calvesi
Giorgio de Chirico and “Continuous Metaphysics” p. 29
Adriano Altamira
De Chirico, Böcklin and Klinger  p. 51
Adriano Altamira
De Chirico and Duchamp p. 80
Katherine Robinson
Hidden Harmony. The King’s Game p. 129
Elena Pontiggia
“In the Immense Desert of this Big City” – De Chirico in Milan 1919-1920  p. 163
Pierangelo Sequeri
De Chirico: Mind and Hand p. 179
Riccardo Dottori
The Metaphysical Parable in Giorgio de Chirico’s Painting  p. 203
Giovanna Rasario
The Works of Giorgio de Chirico in the Castelfranco Collection – The “Disquieting Muse” Affaire p. 277
Vincenzo Trione
Metapolis. Metaphysics and the City p. 352
Ara H. Merjian
A Lost Manuscript on (and by?) Giorgio de Chirico: Origins, Authorship, Implications  p. 396
Salvatore Vacanti
Giorgio de Chirico and the “Return to Craft”
The Importance of Artistic Training between Athens and Munich  p. 433
Introductory Note p. 464
Pro tempera oratio with a note by S. Vacanti  p. 475
Ecrit sur l’architecture pour «Esprit Nouveau» (typescript and transcription of original text in French) p. 481
The Life of Giorgio de Chirico with a note by K. Robinson p. 496
(original French text) p. 485
Presentation for the Exhibition of 6 May 1925 held at Galerie Rosenberg p. 503
(original French text) p. 501
Autobiography  p. 508
(original French text) p. 504
Questionnaire p. 509
Biography p. 515
(original French text) p. 511
Biography for the Biennale Catalogue   p. 518
Giorgio de Chirico (published in «La Vraie Italie») p. 524
(original French text) p. 520
The Brain and the Hand (On Drawing) p. 532
A Discourse on the Material Substance of Paint  p. 541
Letter to Scheiwiller dated 14 July 1928  p. 529
Three Letters to Jean Paulhan  p. 559
(manuscripts and transcription of original French letters) p. 551
Mister Dudron (from a novel in preparation with the same title) p. 564
Introductory Note p. 572
Fake Paintings (Report to the Head of Police)  p. 582
Fake de Chirico’s p. 590
Definition of a Fake Painting  p. 593
A Fake Painting p. 596
Illustrious Director p. 606
Giorgio de Chirico (published in “Der Cicerone”)  p. 614
The Giorgio and Isa de Chirico Foundation p. 626
2005-2006 p. 629