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  Italian edition

METAPHYSICAL ART – The de Chirico Journals

n. 3/4 (2003-2004)

“De Chirico’s green. The sky of Portrait of Guillaume Apollinaire (1914) and of the Italian Piazzas is not blue, but green: the symbolic colour of Rebirth. The periodical “Metaphysical Art” posts de Chirico’s green on its cover as a distinctive attribute, like a banner. De Chirico paints the sky green, the green of a profound vision, “beyond the physical” (Metaphysics).
The de Chirico Foundation periodical came into being like the turning of a page, like a fresh start to the study of a painter who is the most complex artist among the creators of modernity, yet least explored.”
Jole de Sanna, 2003
Due to the periodical’s published form, text illustrations appear in the Italian version of a specific essay. It is therefore suggested that the reader consult the Italian text to see the images (which are clearly and consecutively numbered) in parallel to reading an essay in English.
Paolo Picozza
Giorgio de Chirico and Jole de Sanna p. 13
Massimo Cescon
In Memory of Jole de Sanna p. 20
Jole de Sanna
Metaphysical Mathematics p. 111
The Brera Academy of Fine Arts Research Team, Milan
The Graphic Translation p. 214
Katherine Robinson
Backstage with de Chirico p. 237
Jole de Sanna
Mathematical Ariadne: The Labyrinth p. 256
Rita Levi Montalcini
Art in comparison to Science p. 263
Maurizio Calvesi
De Chirico. Procession on the Mountain p. 268
Giovanna Rasario
Giorgio de Chirico pendant Bellini p. 290
Epistolario Giorgio de Chirico – Luigi Bellini.  Florence, 1932 ca.-1952 p. 299
(manuscripts of original documents)
Unpublished Correspondence: Giorgio de Chirico – Luigi Bellini, Florence
c. 1932-1952
p. 341
Jole de Sanna
Mysteries surrounding de Chirico’s signature p. 362
Le Ballet. Comédie en quatre actes p. 371
Introductory Note by Jole de Sanna p. 369
Giorgio de Chirico pendant la guerre p. 429
(manuscript and transcription of the original French text)
Giorgio de Chirico during the War p. 438
Epistolario Fonds Kochno, Parigi, 1928 ca.-1934 p. 441
(manuscripts and transcription of the original French letters)
Unpublished Letters from Fonds Kochno, Paris, c. 1928-1934 p. 455
Giorgio de Chirico
Paola Levi-Montalcini p. 467
Giorgio de Chirico, Answer to the Referendum, «L’Ambrosiano» p. 475
Carl Einstein
Giorgio de Chirico (Deutsch) p. 477
Giorgio de Chirico (English) p. 485
Clement Greenberg
Giorgio de Chirico at the Acquavella Gallery p. 492
Viola Mangusta
Giorgio de Chirico and the Myth of Ariadne (Philadelphia, 2002-2003) p. 500
Jole de Sanna
Cleopatra-Ariadne. Identity and Transformation (Stockholm, 2003-2004) p. 505
Jole de Sanna
Metaphysics (Rome, 2003-2004) p. 509
Alessandra Tavola
Giulio Paolini 1960-1972 (Milan, 2003) (English) p. 513
Accademia dei Lincei, Rome, 16th October 2003: The Publication’s Official Launch p. 538
The Giorgio and Isa de Chirico Foundation p. 564