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  Italian edition

METAPHYSICAL ART – The de Chirico Journals

n. 1/2 (2001-2002)

“The seated mannequin is destined to inhabit rooms, especially the corners of rooms; open air does not suit him. This is where they are at home; where they flourish and generously display the gifts of their ineffable and mysterious poetry. This mysterious aspect of rooms and the corners of rooms which I have expressed in numerous paintings is also a phenomenon of great metaphysical interest; but to talk about this now would take too long and, as someone once said, there are cases and moments when we can only be true philosophers (and poets and painters, I may add) by remaining silent.”

Giorgio de Chirico, Birth of the Mannequin, 1938

Due to the periodical’s published form, text illustrations appear in the Italian version of a specific essay. It is therefore suggested that the reader consult the Italian text to see the images (which are clearly and consecutively numbered) in parallel to reading an essay in English.
Paolo Picozza
Giorgio de Chirico today: A Discipline of Research p. 12
Jole de Sanna
Giorgio de Chirico – André Breton: Duel à mort (English) p. 62
Manuscripts of Giorgio de Chirico’s letters to André and Simone Breton, 1921-1925 p. 88
Manuscripts of Giorgio de Chirico’s letters to Paul and Gala Eluard, 1923-1924 p. 108
Giorgio de Chirico: Lettres à André et Simon Breton p. 112
Giorgio de Chirico: Letters to André and Simon Breton p. 146
Giorgio de Chirico: Lettres à Paul e Gala Eluard p. 132
Giorgio de Chirico: Letters to Paul e Gala Eluard p. 155
Correspondance J.T. Soby – Paul Eluard p. 138
Correspondence J.T. Soby – Paul Eluard p. 157
Fabio Benzi
The de Chirico-Signorelli correspondence (1918-1919) and the Painter’s Classical Debut p. 173
Laurent Busine
Giorgio de Chirico. Les dix dernières années (1968-1978) p. 183
Giorgio de Chirico. The last Ten Years (1968-1978) p. 191
Ralf Schiebler
Giorgio de Chirico and the Theory of Relativity p. 211
Leo Lecci
About an early Painting by Giorgio de Chirico. Procession on a Mountain p. 229
Monsieur Dusdron p. 237
Monsieur Dusdron (English) p. 263
Introductory Note by Jole de Sanna p. 262
Naissance du mannequin p. 277
Manuscript p. 275
Birth of the Mannequin p. 282
Introductory Note by Jole de Sanna p. 281
Renato Guttuso
De Chirico or the Painting p. 295
Viola Mangusta
A Gambling with Intellectual Ownership p. 311
Riccardo Dottori
De Chirico, Savinio and the other Face of Modernity p. 321
Paolo Picozza
Origin and Persistence of a tôpos about de Chirico p. 334
The Giorgio and Isa de Chirico Foundation p. 365
Jole de Sanna
Restoration of the Mysterious Baths Fountain in Sempione Park Milan p. 371
1998-2002 p. 373
Works p. 384