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The de Chirico Journals – Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico

“Metaphysical Art”  is a bilingual Italian-English periodical that publishes recent studies on Giorgio de Chirico and his oeuvre, by internationally recognised academics as well as a new generation of researchers belonging to different fields of expertise. In order to promote knowledge of Giorgio de Chirico’s art, which the Foundation considers a discipline of research, a significant quantity of unpublished historical documents are regularly included in the periodical.

The publication deals with various areas of research ranging from historical and technical analyses of the Maestro’s artwork and literary production to exhibition critique. In addition to new studies, significant yet difficult to find reviews and appraisals concerning the Maestro’s art are also regularly published. To date, such written work has included commentaries by Giorgio Castelfranco (1924), Carl Einstein (1930), Albert C. Barnes (1936), Clement Greenberg (1947), Salvatore Quasimodo (1966), Renato Guttuso (1970) and Julien Levy (1977).

Previously unknown written work and correspondence by the artist (from the Foundation’s Archive and a number of Italian and international archives) constitutes a significant part of the material published. To date, the following texts have appeared: Pro tempera oratio (1920); Ecrit sur l’architetture pour “Esprit Nouveau” (1921); the French manuscript of Mr. Dusdron which is an early draft of the novel Il Signor Dudron (published posthumously in 1998); Birth of the Mannequin (1938); The Brain and Hand (1940s); Giorgio de Chirico during the War (late 1940s); Le Ballet – commedie en 4 actes (1965); as well as an extraordinary collection of autobiographies. Since the periodical first appeared in 2002, over 210 letters written by de Chirico to poets, writers, patrons of the arts, art dealers and fellow artists have been published. In issue n. 7/8 (2008), de Chirico’s entire collection of poems was presented, for a total of 101 published and unpublished poems (in Italian and French). The publication is further enriched by a chosen selection from the artist’s theoretic and critique essays, many of which are translated into English for the first time.

Reproductions of manuscripts habitually appear in the periodical (when the quality of the original document is sufficient) and are methodically accompanied by transcriptions in the original language – Italian, French, German or modern Greek – with full translation in English.

Published every two years, the c. 400 page volume is of interest to academics, students and art enthusiasts alike and can be found in the world’s most eminent libraries, universities, art academies, museums and cultural institutions. Issue n. 9/10 marks the first publication of a separate volume dedicated exclusively to the periodical’s English translation, previously included in the Italian issue.

All issues published to date: n.1/2 (2002), n. 3/4 (2004), n. 5/6 (2006), n. 7/8 (2008), n. 9/10 (2010), n. 11/13 (2013), n. 14/16 (2016) can be consulted in this section and downloaded in pdf format.*

 n. 1/2 – 2001-2002 – Issue info  n. 3/4 – 2003-2004 – Issue info
n. 5/6 – 2005-2006 – Issue info n. 7/8 – 2007-2008 – Issue info
n. 9/10 2009-2010 – Issue info n. 11/13 2011-2013 Issue info
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 n. 14/16 2014-2016 – Issue info  n. 14/16 2014-2016 – Issue info

*All rights reserved: © Pictor O – Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico, Rome; © Le Lettere S.r.l., Florence;  © Maretti Editore, Falciano

Issue n. 1/2 (2002):

“Metafisica. Quaderni della Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico” n. 1/2 (2001-2002), Téchne editore, Milan, Pictor O, Rome 2002.

Issues n. 3/4 (2004), 5/6 (2006), 7/8 (2008):

“Metafisica. Quaderni della Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico” n. 7/8 (2007-2008), Le Lettere, Florence, Pictor O, Rome 2008.

The English issues n. 9/10 (2011) and n. 11/13 (2013) are published in separate volumes:

“Metaphysical Art: The de Chirico Journals – Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico” n. 9/10 (2009-2010), Le Lettere, Florence, Pictor O, Rome 2011.

“Metaphysical Art: The de Chirico Journals – Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico” n. 11/13 (2011-2013), Le Lettere, Florence, Pictor O, Rome 2014.