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  Italian edition


The Mystery of the Infinite – Giorgio de Chirico and Greece, interview granted to Franco Simongini, Athens 1973.
Answers to the Referendum, published in «L’Ambrosiano», Milan, 23 February 1938. In Il meccanismo, pp. 338-339; in «Metaphysical Art» n. 3/4 (2004), pp. 475-476.
“L’Europeo” Asks de Chirico for the Whole TruthInterview granted to “L’Europeo” magazine on occasion of the Retrospective held at Palazzo Reale, published 30 April 1970. The encounter took place at Hotel Continental in Milan with the participation of Libero Montesi and Gian Franco Venè.
Entretien avec de Chirico – Archives du XX Siècle, interview with Jean José Marchand, Rome 1971.
Interview with de Chirico – Archives du XXe siècle, interview with Jean José Marchand, Rome 1971.