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  Italian edition

Piazza di Spagna 31

Heidi Specker

As part of the cultural programs promoted by German Academy Rome Villa Massimo, internationally eminent artist Heidi Specker has produced Piazza di Spagna 31, a photographic project inspired by a visit to the House-museum. Specker’s 6 black and white photographs focusing on the detail of a number of objects, furniture and sculptures in de Chirico’s apartment-studio, present a sequence of precise and essential images evoking a number of possible interpretations. The viewer is invited to imagine a context and to invent possible narratives: the close-up view captured in the photographs invites one along an ambiguous sensorial path upon which we “listen” as if intruders upon a mysterious dialogue between two “Disquieting Muses”, while “touching” the objects and materials caught in the image’s minute detail. A true photographic tale subject to completion through the impression made on the viewer, who searches for a metaphysical “life” hidden in the things themselves.

Piazza di Spagna 31 was exhibited by means of a slide projection of the artist’s 6 photographic images at the Sassa Trülzsch Gallery in Berlin, on occasion of the 6th Berlin Biennale. The work was also exhibited at the German Academy Rome Villa Massimo’s 2010 scholarship presentation. In addition, a numbered copy of this limited edition piece was acquired by collectors Ann and Jurgen Wilde who then donated it to the Sprengel Museum in Hannover.

Piazza di Spagna 31, motiv I / VI
Digital Fine Art Print, 40 x 30 cm
Piazza di Spagna 31, motiv II / VI
Digital Fine Art Print, 40 x 30 cm
Piazza di Spagna 31, motiv IV / VI
Digital Fine Art Print, 40 x 30 cm

Heidi Specker, Piazza di Spagna 31, 2010 (Limited Edition of 10 plus 2 Artist’s Proofs). Courtesy of Heidi Specker & Sassa Trulzsch Gallery, Berlin.